Blue Mountain Australian Shepherds
Rüden blue merle
Mountain Fire Dream Come True “Dexter” HD:A2 MDR1:+/+ HSF4:+/+ PRA: frei
Blue Mountain Leave Him With A Kiss “Damon” HD:A ED:0 MDR1:+/+ HSF4:+/+ PRA:frei
CH. Moon Rise Pick Up Man “Henry” red factored HD:A1 ED:0 MDR1:+/- HSF4:+/+ PRA:frei
Blue Mountain´s Way To Your Heart “Lou” HD:A1 MDR1:+/- HSF4:+/+ PRA:frei
Starlight The Power Of Love “Mika” red factored HD:A1 ED:0 MDR1:+/+ HSF4:+/+ PRA:frei
Eltern: Heartfire´s TNT x Koellbachs Miss Rihanna
Eltern: CH.Moon Rise Special Offer x CH.Thornapple Pillow Talk
Eltern: Nobility´s Marc O Polo x Blue Mountain´s Taste Of Love
Eltern: CH.Carolina Calais Get Ur Motor Runnin x Moon Rise Bright Starlight
Risingstar's Leap To Sunnycreek DNA-CP- "Liam"
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